1. TIP: Setup Fantasy Football bucket to get all your news in one location!


    #fantasyfootball fans setup a bucket in mybucketz and add anyone you follow on FB, Twitter, RSS Feeds etc.. to get all your news in one spot…



  2. Finally got around to setting up two factor authentication on our email accounts and password manager. You should definitely have this setup if you don’t already. http://lifehacker.com/5938565/heres-everywhere-you-should-enable-two-factor-authentication-right-now


  3. Export asp.net gridview to excel in C#

    I ran into an issue when needing to export a gridview to excel with the following requirements:

    • Maintain backcolor of any gridview boundfields if set
    • Properly display any data in gridview templatefield controls (TextBox, Label, etc..)
    • Have the ability to ignore a user defined amount of leading gridview columns in the excel output

    The following code snippet did the job:


  4. A C# wrapper to be able to work with SFTP. This should be useful in a future task where I will need to programitcally pull files from an outside SFTP service. http://winscp.net/eng/docs/library


  5. thedailydev:

    Excellent article on how to make decisions about code organization.


  6. Very nice… Microsoft finally brings back the ability to create the old style setup and deployment MSIs to VS2013… The users have been heard!



  7. (Source: thedailydev)


  8. decodering:

    Zach Holman remembers. Ahhh.

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  9. Check out my new web utility “MergeFil.es” it allows you to combine/merge multiple files of many different types into one PDF, MS Word, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint document-100% Free http://www.mergefil.es/


  10. Giving #lastpass a shot at my password management… So far so good… Useful for secure encrypted notes as well as auto-login for the websites whose passwords you save. Everything is sync’d up to their servers in the cloud as well so it is accessible from any device (plus the browser plug-ins are convenient). The free version should do the trick for now.