1. Very nice… Microsoft finally brings back the ability to create the old style setup and deployment MSIs to VS2013… The users have been heard!



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  3. decodering:

    Zach Holman remembers. Ahhh.

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  4. Check out my new web utility “MergeFil.es” it allows you to combine/merge multiple files of many different types into one PDF, MS Word, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint document-100% Free http://www.mergefil.es/


  5. Giving #lastpass a shot at my password management… So far so good… Useful for secure encrypted notes as well as auto-login for the websites whose passwords you save. Everything is sync’d up to their servers in the cloud as well so it is accessible from any device (plus the browser plug-ins are convenient). The free version should do the trick for now.


  6. carnotaurus:

    Useful for beginners

  7. mybucketz:

    mybucketz #socialmedia feed reader on new #pebble steel with sdk 2.0 #smartwatch #twitter #facebook #tumblr #linkedin


  8. mybucketz mentioned in @InformIT article http://www.informit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=2170172 “five cool apps for the pebble smartwatch” #pebble #socialmedia aggregator

  9. gympact:

    GymPact has seen the success of our incentive model with exercise, and we are expanding the product to Pact to include incentives for healthy eating! 

    There are now 3 different types of Pacts in one app:

    • Gym pact - The one that started it all! The structure of gym pact has not changed and will be the same in the Pact app.
    • Veggie pact - Make a pact to eat more fruits/veggies. Snap a picture eating your veggies and submit it to be verified by the Pact community.
    • Food logging pact - Make a pact to log your meals with our partner app MyFitnessPal. 

    You can choose to commit to one or all of these pacts for a healthy lifestyle.  Be sure to update your iPhone or Android Pact app.

    Have questions for the Pact team ? We’d love to hear them! Join our twitter party on January 1st at 8 pm EST / 5 pm PST. Follow the handle @PactApp and #pactapp to join in on the action.

  10. mybucketz:

    mybucketz feed reader upgraded to sdk 2.0 ready to hit the new app store!