1. onethingwell:

    Duo is a dual-paned web browser that lets you browse the web in two views: your standard ‘desktop’ view as well as a typical ‘mobile’ view. By seeing these two views at the same time, you’re able to quickly test and work through multiple screen experiences rather than considering them separately.

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  2. Passed my final Microsoft certification test this week and I am now an official MCSD in Web Applications. 


  3. mybucketz 2.0 for pebble is coming…


    The mybucketz watch app for pebble and the 2.0 update will be coming soon… you will no longer need httpebble… stay tuned


  4. Great explanation of relative vs absolute positioning in #html http://designshack.net/articles/css/the-lowdown-on-absolute-vs-relative-positioning/


  5. Really cool string library “Fluent Strings” for C# on github… Will really help in parsing some of the files we deal with at work. #dotnet



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  7. mybucketz stats…


    Some mybucketz stats since going live in March of this year.

    3365 unique connections have been setup to twitter, tumblr. instagram, linkedin, and tumblr accounts.

    182 unique RSS feeds have been setup.

    757 unique buckets have been setup.

    4895 friends/followings have been added to the unique buckets.

    1093 Pebble watches have been setup.

    Good stuff… hopefully the numbers continue to climb! www.mybucketz.com


  8. dbareactions:

    When I realize the database problem I was asked to look at is really a “home grown” Excel 97 spreadsheet linked through VBA to six other Excel 97 spreadsheets, three of which generate even more spreadsheets and Word documents (HT @SQLprincess)

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    After I told the developer that it would take a Microsoft Certified Master for his query to go fast

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  10. Ran into an issue the report preview in #SSRS 2008 where an error was occurring due to a permission problem on the shared data sources. This shows some workarounds to solve this problem. http://sqljoe.wordpress.com/2011/06/08/ssrs-error-report-preview-displays-access-to-the-path-binreport-rdl-is-denied/